Any connected IoT device, be it a gadget, building or a city exposes itself to hackers and cybersecurity threats are growing exponentially globally.  There are different ways of attacking the problem – use existing cybersecurity frameworks and approaches to secure the IoT end nodes, or think like the hackers and get more offensive in terms of going after them to shut down their networks more akin to how security in the physical world works. Machine detection, anomaly detection and machine level co-relation are areas of active experimentation ongoing to secure, identify and quarantine IoT devices. The security task force of IoTForum has a new and fresh approach to IoT security especially for the areas that are critical in nature and of national level importance.
Come and hear from the experts in the trenches on the latest hacks and how companies are trying to address and plug the threats. Debate and discuss how ‘IoT Security’ needs a fresh thinking which will be discussed in partnership with the CISO Platform.