Business Scaling

Startup founders always strive to scale up their businesses as fast as they can. According to GEM national report, more than 100 million business ventures are launched every year. That makes global entrepreneurship too competitive. Scaling up a newly-backed company is not all rainbows and unicorns, it is even more daunting and tougher than launching a startup in the first place.

The great success of ITO/BPO was helped by great positioning. The Software product story is also taking shape especially with SaaS companies listing in US and iSPIRT software diplomacy with many countries.  How do we take preemptive steps learning from that process to start positioning India as the brand for IoT?  IoT has many areas where India may establish the mindshare especially as more and more software is driving an ambient intelligent world!

As reported by Derick Jose Flutura from an O’Reilly conference discussion: Indians are a brand but India is not.

Time to change that…

India has scaled in ITO/BPO. Indian SaaS companies are getting listed on US and are getting attention. How do we brand India as a global IoT Solution . We are leading this visioning and future action at IoTNext 2019. You are welcome to join the conversation!

Reimagine Agriculture in the backdrop of Disruptive IoT

India is primed for an overhaul of the agriculture value chain. Sensors, satellites, drones and robotics have already started to permeate into the consciousness of our agrarian nation. The challenges of old still persist but in 2019 we are a step closer to minimizing the impact of climate change, low yields, post-harvest losses, and farmer debt thanks to the innovation from India’s 400+ start-ups and institutional businesses in the agritech industry.

Global opensource initiatives in data, hardware, software and AI are the driving force behind the majority today’s research and solutions.

The world is not running to old models ( Bankers will tell you deflation despite QE across China, Japan, EU and USA is !!!!) . We see Climate change with several years of drought in Australia and almost 70% annual rain in a few weeks in India this year. Climate Safe Agriculture and using consumer behavior-change in an urbanizing world .... What does it mean? What should we do?

What does it mean? What should we do?

Our expert panel is there to unpack all this for you!
  • Sanjiv Rangrass - CEO Agri of ITC (Moderator)
  • Harsh Bhanwala - Chairman NABARD
  • D Narain, CEO - Bayer India
  • Mark Kahn, Founder, Omnivore
It is all happening at IoTNext 2019! Have you booked your seat?

IoT Matrix

IoTMatrix is our new word to denote the emerging connected, ambient, intelligent phygital (ie., physical+digital) world. Internet of Things (IoT) is making the Physical or the Real World Digital. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are making the Digital world accessible to us in the real world, both creating a confluence, or an ‘Enchanted Reality’ and “Digital Twins” and a new phase of world order. The Matrix builds on many philosophical themes including Maya. The Red-Blue Pill is a choice for carbon-life to remain in an echo chamber of comforting news and experiences or a “descent” to the trenches of not-so-well-ordered real world. It is vital we become co-creators in shaping the world emerging.

We need to create a new Green Pill option between Blue Pill or the Red Pill. More on this at IoTNext 2019.

IoTNext 2019 Awards and Startup Celebrations

The IoTNext Startup awards has become a premier platform to recognize and celebrate the most promising IoT start-ups from across India. IoTNext picks trending business verticals each year and provides startups a platform to showcase their technology and value proposition to customers. IoTNext picks and awards startups which are at an early stage.

IoTNext has seen over 500 + award applicants over last 4 years and the IoT Next awards have proven to be early stage markers for innovative IoT Startups. This provides the startups much-needed slingshot in their journey towards success. Join the celebrations and Awards at IoTNext 2019!

BLOG : AI/ ML at the Edge

Is the Fog rising and enveloping the Cloud?

A Cambrian explosion of chipsets, software and Methodologies for Edge and Fog appears to be moving the momentum of innovation for IoT away from the Cloud. The rise of Edge computing and its benefits have to be understood in context of the place and role of computing in the consumer and industrial fields, which is mostly in the Cloud.

There are a number of scenarios for the advantages of latency, reliability and lower cost of edge computing. IoTForum has seen several startups in India exploiting edge computing. Usage areas cover inspection, compliance and process controls. Arvind Tiwary writes about how Edge computing would be worth $28.84 Billion By 2025.

Read on more at Arvind's Blog.