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IoTNext celebrates its 5th edition of the premium International Summit - A global platform for Innovative & Strategic alliances towards building Business in IoT

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Key Highlights

IoTNext 2019: “IoT Matrix - Enchanted Reality and a Data Driven Future” 

IoTNext is an annual conference of IoTForum, IESA (India’s premier Industry body for Electronics & Semiconductors) and TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), Bangalore to raise the IoT Quotient of India. The objective of IoTNext is to bring the entire IoT community together to debate and deliberate on the current developments and expectations in near future, discuss the upcoming technologies and business trends, connect with global counterparts and showcase the most innovative startups from India. We started IoTNext in 2015 and it is now the most premier IoT conference in India with over 1000 global participants.

  • IoTNext 2015: 'Emerging possibilities of Digital Transformation with IoT'

  • IoTNext 2016: 'Realities on ground and Road Ahead' with ongoing pilots and edge security concerns by CISO platform.

  • IoTNext 2017: 'Beyond the Hype, Pilots to scale' focused on IoT data analytics, scaling up of IoT in Transportation/Logistics and IoT security hackfest session.

  • IoTNext 2018: 'Transformation at the IoT Edge' focused on edge computing, edge security, light-weight Blockchain, smart city deployments and delays in Industry 4.0 deployment. 'Scaling-up and Exits' was a well appreciated session with M&As heating up globally and in India.

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In IoTNext 2019, we will step back from the hyper-connected IoT world and see the confluence of multiple technologies that are starting to seemingly merge together creating a world of enchanted immersive experience where data holds the key!

IoT is enabling the physical or the real world to go digital while AR/VR/XR is making the digital world accessible in the real world, creating a confluence termed 'Digital Twin' or Phygital (Physical + Digital). Both are being fed by enormous amount of data which are being crunched and analyzed at the edge and on the cloud. AI/ML is pushing the limits with its hunger for data, while data ownership, trust and privacy are questioning the same.


"The World is not operating to Specs anymore" - Arvind Tiwary, Chair, IoTForum

The traditional concepts of a product have morphed beyond immediate gratification and gross margins to an immersive experience and continuous product evolution and data driven AI is helping build future revenue streams. Building partnerships with new business models is being experimented with raging debates and discussions on data ownership, data security, data privacy and date governance.

In the above backdrop, IoTNext 2019 will focus on the following:

  1. Plenary Keynotes and Session Keynotes on the State of Affairs and Future outlook on ‘Extended Reality’, ‘Data driven Future’, ‘Challenges in AI’, ‘5G – A revolution in networks’, ‘New world of Data Privacy’, ‘Are we securing the Edge’, ‘Technology adoption in Healthcare’, ‘India Opensource Processor’ and more.
  2. Digital Twin: Merging of physical & digital worlds - Each industry vertical is getting disrupted with the confluence of myriad of technologies and solutions including IoT, AI/ML and AR/VR/XR. The pace of adoption has however varied widely. Practitioners and end-users will articulate the transformations in each industry, the pulls and the deterrents, the pace of adoption, the ROI challenges and the most urgent and pressing needs. Speakers will focus on the challenges faced in faster adoption and solutions they are seeking.
    • Industrial – Deep-dive into usecases and challenges in the Oil & Gas, Construction/Mining and Manufacturing sector.
    • Consumer – AR/VR/XR usecases and adoption challenges in Home, Gaming and Education.
    • Healthcare – Where are we in use of AI/ML in Healthcare and Cobots in surgery.
    • Transportation & Logistics – Preparing for Electric Vehicle future, 5G and V2X shaping the safety and self driving future.
    • Agriculture – Satellite/Drone imagery and analysis, soil health, IoT enabled agri-equipments facilitating uber-model and optimizing supply chain are all in the works albeit at a slow pace in India. What next to increase adoption?
  3. Data Driven Future: Data is a hotly debated topic globally today. We will be discussing on how Data will be driving the future. We will also be highlighting the latest in technology and policies globally and the repercussions in the ‘Enchanted Future and Data Driven World’.
  4. New Frontiers with Edge Computing Artificial Intelligence and India’s Play: Experts will discuss the emerging aspects of AI – reducing labeled data requirement, Explainable AI, edge computing AI nodes, accelerated training etc. along with AI challenges including dearth of data scientists and reservations of using a black box model. We will discuss the emergence of China as a global AI leader, India’s role in the data driven world and will be introducing India’s RISC-V Opensource Processor.
  5. Security & Safety: Experts will discuss state of affairs in securing the IoT edge, the progress of block-chain light and we will deliberate on the techno-legal concept of IoT Security introduced a few years back at IoTNext.
  6. Business model innovations, partnerships and ecosystems: To create this future immersive experience for customers, no company can do it alone. Corporate-Startup relationships and engagements have accelerated with most large corporate with incubators and venture arms now. Eco-systems and partnerships are a must for success. We will focus on interesting case studies and examples to discuss emerging business models, corporate-startup engagement success stories, and forming partnerships and consortiums.
  7. Experience Zones will showcase the future world with the confluence of IoT, AR/VR/XR, AI/ML in different verticals like Industrial, Consumer, Healthcare, Transportation and Agriculture.
  8. Hands-on Workshops in pertinent topics related to the above including a workshop on India’s First Opensource Processor.
  9. IoTNext Awards and Start-up showcase and exhibition with 50 top IOT, AR/VR/XR and AI/ML startups and IoTNext awards to top 5.

We look forward to your participation and partnership at IoTNext 2019 and to join us in the exciting journey. 

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Exhibition Layout

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