We kick start the Innovation session with a panel discussion on road ahead for medical healthcare startups, moderated by Dileep Mangsuli, CTO, GE Healthcare with entrepreneurs, doctors, healthcare providers and investors. As we did last time, we would be showcasing the top 3 innovative startups from India that are making some ground breaking technologies and solutions in the Systems/IoT space. This would be a surprise...we are not disclosing the names till the evening on 9th Nov... but I guarantee that you will be awed at the perseverance, the depth and passion of these entrepreneurs. Who says we can build only e-commerce, hyper delivery services and payment companies in India?

TiE and IESA have joined hands since 2014 to build up the IoT ecosystem in India. Over 20 seminars and workshops were organized around many cities in 2014-15 and IotNext 2015 brought the entire ecosystem together. 16 IoT startups were selected and mentored. Over 25% of the mentored IoT startups have progressed very well and have raised funding and acquired customers. TiE-IESA will be celebrating the success of a few from our first batch of startups.

IoTNext Awards: IoTNext will recognize the most promising start-ups in the Safe Nation, Industrial IoT, Agriculture and Food, Medical/Healthcare and Automotive space. The last date for receiving nominations will be October 28, 2016. Applications need to be registered at www.iotnext.org/awards