While consumer IoT gets the press and the money (it is changing now though - see link), it is in the Industrial segment that will have the biggest impact with IoT. Several industries are being transformed with IoT, business models are changing from capex to opex and value-added services with IoT is what every company is trying to do today, rather than simply an equipment sale.

We explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IoT (Marc Carrel-Billiard, Managing Director of Global Technology R&D,  Accenture), learn about the GE Predix Platform and how it is transforming GE's business (Munish Makhija, Managing Director, GE India), and we have an engaging panel discussion on Industrial Robotics titled “Are Robots ready to take over?” (Sashikant Suryanarayan SEDEMAC chairs the session). The modernization of locomotives with GE Predix platform is covered by GE and Mustafa Wajid of Meher Group leads a session on state of play in smart factories. We will hear from actual practitioners on how far we have progressed with Smart Factories. Microsoft and Analog devices will share case studies of Smart Energy and Smart Machines respectively.