This Road Ahead session will bring experts and IoT practitioners to discuss and debate the next phase of evolution of IoT. Session will start off with a broad brush strokes on the current IoT landscape and what to expect in the next few years by Martin Cotter, Senior Vice President of Analog Devices. Future of AI in IoT panel will be moderated by Sanjay Podder, MD of Accenture Labs India, along with panel of experts in analytics and cognitive learning. The future of IoT platforms (segments seeing the most M&A and also the Predix platform from the billion dollar startup, GE) will be discussed at length, how they would consolidate, emergence of opensource platform and hour glass like architecture for IoT Platforms. Experts with discuss emerging technologies like blockchain and there will be a full fledged panel discussion on LPWAN with technologists, systems integrators, operators and end users.

The growth of IoT depends on accelerating time from idea to manufacturing. To accelerate the emerging IoT startups, Hardware accelerators and incubators play a key role. We have a star cast in a panel discussion titled “Role of incubators/accelerators in hardware/IoT startups” with HAX (the world’s first, largest and most successful- hardware accelerator based in silicon valley of hardware, Shenzhen), IKP EDEN (with the largest facility in India) and as well as NASSCOM DEITY CoE and SINE (IIT Mumbai) and others to explain how to leverage them.